Solar technology is one of the fastest improving technologies in the world today. Governments and power utility companies have come to recognise the benefits that solar power provides to the owners of these systems as well as to the Brisbane community as a whole.
Solar power is a clean and well-proven technology. There is so much effort still being invested in the technology because it is seen as a climate-saving technology. By contacting a Brisbane solar installer, you are making a solid investment in the future of your business and investing in the future of the planet as well.

Solar Power Reduces Your Overheads
We can reduce your overheads. As business costs increase and the competition forces lower profit margins, business owners are forced to look at other ways to reduce overheads and increase their bottom line.
Consulting a Brisbane solar installer is one of the most cost-effective ways you can reduce the overhead of your expensive electricity usage, while at the same time adding value to your business. A solar investment is a one-time purchase that will give you great returns for years to come.
Our Solar Installations are Designed Specifically for Your Company’s Needs Our commercial solar division designs and installs custom commercial solutions for businesses, schools and community organisations in the Brisbane area. Our custom systems provide a wide range of electrical solutions starting from 10 kw – through to 100kw.
Most businesses operate during daylight hours, meaning you can now power the majority of your business from a free source. By working with a Brisbane commercial solar installer, you will begin to see positive benefits to your bottom line almost immediately.
With potential depreciation and tax benefits your solar power system can pay for itself in an amazingly short amount of time. There are no moving parts with solar power systems. This greatly reduces maintenance costs. Often, the only added effort will be cleaning them of dust and debris a few times a year.

A Solar Installation Offers a Positive Image for Your Company
Every solar company in Brisbane is doing a brisk business these days as many consumers prefer to do business with green-energy businesses. By being a green-energy business your company will project an image of caring for the community and the environment.
This generates a positive public relations image. It can and often does lead to greater business opportunities and contacts within the Brisbane community.

Contact Adopt Global Energy Company Today
We would like to help you attract more business with a solar installation. Our designers are standing by to provide you with a solar installation that will help lower your overheads, have a positive effect on your profitability and generate a favourable public image for your company.
The bottom line is that free energy from the sun, after the upfront investment, will save you money and you will see a positive return on your electrical upgrade in other areas as well.