We have the capacity to deploy major Solar Power Stations across Africa. You can outsources all your contracts in Africa to us. We can also deploy state and federal projects.  

1. Site Selection & Evaluation

 Project Feasibility Studies
 Power System Impact Studies
 Technology Evaluation
 Preliminary Plant Design
 Cost/Benefit Analysis

2. Environmental Impact & Permitting
 Cultural & Natural Resources Surveys
 Environmental Permitting
 EAs & EISs, per State & FederalRequirements
 Threatened & Endangered Species Studies
 Glint Glare/Analysis
 Visual Simulations
 Agency Consultations
 Public Involvement Programs
 Zoning & Planning Commission Reviews

3. Infrastructure/Civil Engineering
 Geotechnical Assessment
 Civil Roadway & Drainage Design
 Site Grading Design
 Civil Structural Design

4. Power Delivery Engineering
 Conceptual Plant Design
 Plant Cost Estimates
 Performance Predictions
 Detailed Plant & Collection System Design
 Grid Interconnect
 Transmission & DistributionEngineering
 Substation Engineering Design & Capacity Analysis

5. Procurement & Contract Management
 Specification Preparation
 Procurement Services

6. Construction
 Construction Management/Oversight
 Environmental Compliance Monitoring

7. Commissioning & Testing
 Performance Testing & Monitoring